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Not even 2 minutes in... Jesus Christ this is good. The sound is great, voice acting is p e r f e c t, it's well-directed, the animation is smooth, the characters are alive, and the comedic timing is spot on. I can't praise the first 2 minutes enough, now to watch the rest... I'm sure it's equally good. You clearly know what you're doing.

That one walking clip was used too many times. The rest was too simple to make it feel like an animation rather than a picture book. The audio was totally out of balance and I had to turn it all the way down at the end because it hurt my ears. 3 stars for trying to be different and while that's good, the rest simply wasn't compelling enough for me.

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I've seen enough, didn't finish it... because I don't want spoilers. I'll play it through when it's properly released. People don't see the value in games apparently. The game is fucking gorgeous, the sound design makes me remember my childhood, the writing rubs me the right way, and its got the nostalgia factor to boot. Looks like you're close to getting funded, which is great because I can't really worry about that right now. The ONLY real complaint I have is that the controls are still slippery and the platforming feels really rough. Still not enough of a downside though, for all the positives this is showing. You got something special here.

What's everyone surprised about? This is how I played tic-tac-toe growing up.

I accidentally re-binded all my controls to up and now I can't get past the first screen. Restarting browser doesn't reset controls and I don't feel like clearing my cache. It's pretty bad when I can find a game-breaking bug in the first 2 minutes of playing.

squidly responds:

There's actually a fix for that which I anticipated. On the controls screen, hold F and press J!

Note: This clears all your progress as well.

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Very chill, especially love the opening.

YakovlevArt responds:

cool! I'm glad you dig it!

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Freakin' gorgeous!


DonnieDurdunkleton responds:

It's actually available on my redbubble (DonnieDurdunkle)

This drawing caught my attention for whatever reason, there's something satisfying about his design.