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Video editing is art too!

Posted by Luckytime - August 20th, 2017

I'm making this post mainly because I want to bump the previous one off my profile, I tired streaming and it was a lot of work and not that much fun. Maybe I'll come back to it at a later time.

Right now I'm here to say that I also love to edit videos! But these sort of videos don't really belong on Newgrounds, which is why I'm letting you know you can head over to my Youtube channel where you'll find a small collection of videos where I try out different editing techniques to varying success. These mostly feature games I like to play but the editing adds a little value to the experience. Anyway, here's a small sample of something I've been recently working on:

Here is the link to my Youtube channel for all my videos going back almost a decade: https://www.youtube.com/user/TekaiGuy/featured


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This is really cool. And you have montages!!!

Thanks! And as I like to call them, I have combo videos!

Right before I joined up here, used to produce video on big n little cassettes. Felt bad doing something so similar and not being able to share it here, but if anything, made me a better audience member. Hope you're still at it and keeping your skills fresh!

Sure hope P-Cate comes back, wonderful art, great personality... think she's hooked into Overwatch too much.

Funny story: I did a lego stop-motion animation when I was 10 (used one of those old-fashioned handheld camcorders to do it). It and a bunch of other home videos were on 8-mm tapes so I had to transfer them somehow. Tried the Walgreens video transfer program but it ended up being mega shoddy so I got my money back. I ended up resorting to buying a cassette-to-digital converter off ebay... but I had to do the transfers fast so I could return it within the week according to the return policy. That was because it was $900. The plan went perfectly and they took it back, but I still feel like that was a brazen thing to do, haha.

Now instead of sitting on cassettes never being watched, they're sitting on my hard disk never being watched. I want to upload that lego animation sometime, it just needs to be edited down when I have the time.

Agreed, P-Cate lives on tumblr still, but I don't like tumblr because interacting is even less likely than it is here on NG. I think Overwatch is slowly dying? I like that game but I like Cate even more.